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Welcome to Suzdal

Have you ever been to Suzdal before? No?! Then welcome to our website about the city of Suzdal, Suzdalian hotels, and among them we would like to proudly present the modern hotel complexes - the Pushkarskaya Sloboda hotel, the  Goryachie Kluchi hotel and other high-class Suzdalian hotels situated in this specific and extremely interesting place.

Suzdal is an enticingly beautiful, world-wide known city-museum, which is situated under the open sky of the generous Suzdalian land; a city which is so captivating with its beauty, where numerous sightseeings and modern hotels have formed a new Russian tourist centre of momentous significance  and with constantly increasing popularity.

Everyone who is interested in Suzdal can find  useful and interesting information concerning this city on our website. We would like to offer to you a number of attractions which you can find in the city: churches, monasteries, the extraordinerily decorated hotels of Suzdal, guest houses, cathedrals and restaurants. You have an opportunity to take part in numerous remarkable events and festivals which usually take place in Suzdal, and also there is a possibility to organize corporate arrangements during your holidays in this exceptional city of good,old  Russia.

Suzdal is the Heart and Soul of the Golden Ring of Russia. It is a medieval city, and this city has its own history from the time when the state of Russia was forming itself into a dominating power to become the most influential in Eastern Europe and to give its own legacy for the future  generations to come.

Sometimes it seems to you that every stone of its ancient walls can breathe and talk about the epoch of the ascendancy of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality which was the strongest among the medieval Russian states long before the Moscovian ascent to power.

Suzdal will direct your attention to the fascinating beauty of its churches with their bright, shinning domes,  to the ancient Russian art of Wooden Architecture, to its monasteries,convents and cathedrals.Then, after visiting  these places of religious significance in the history of old Russia, you can also visit the Kremlin of Suzdal ( the local Citadel ) and the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Rural Life of medieval Russia.

Also, on the territory of the region you will find that the nature is strikingly beautiful and pure, because magnificent views can be seen everywhere around the city to engulf your attention, and the local authorities have made everything  possible to preserve the surrounding scenery and the old type of the Suzdalian architectural urban features which make the city so moving. No wonder that the people living in this old-fashioned city-museum, have preserved its traditions: they want to see their own city as it was in the archaic times and they want to be part of its rare history.

It doesn't matter whether you are alone or you will come with your family to stay here for several days or if you are in the company of your closest friends and colleagues, or if you participate in any conference which takes place in Suzdal, or you will make an appointment with your business partner, or you want to attend a festival, a dinner party, or something else - in any case, comfortable hotels and guest houses are waiting for you right now in the city of Suzdal to give you accommodation with all required features of a modern stay in a hotel and entertain you with numerous well-arranged programmes .

These hotels have cosy apartments for your convenience with rich furniture, restaurants, bars and other modern facilities and  even some of them are located near outstanding monuments of old.... like monasteries and convents  with their old,medieval type of architecture.

Every day thousands of tourists flock to Suzdal from any point of Russia and other countries of the world ,to see this wonderful beauty,to be in a state of delight when they have the opportunity of listening to the ringing of the bells in the local churches and monasteries, and just to inhale the fresh air of the city and to feel this harmony in the silence surrounding the exraordinary rural city of old days.

Once again we want to tell you that the city of Suzdal is the cradle of the Golden Ring of Russia. Old Suzdal invites you to visit us during the New Year Celebration. You will find a carnival and luxurious parties and merrymakings with the presence of Santa Claus himself and his enchanting young assistant  Snow Maiden.There are going to be games, contests, theatrical entertainment with clowns and musicians,  a dancing programme, folk music, and much more...

The New Year Celebration is going to be  real magic - a night full of surprises and joyful merrymaking.

Your journey to the city of Suzdal will be something to remember for the rest of your life, giving you a pleasant impression and a desire to visit this living legend once more in the nearest future. The Suzdalian centre of tourism offers you this exceptional opportunity to visit  this marvellous city of classical times. We can help to book an apartment in a hotel. Tourism in Suzdal is a real pleasure which is worthwhile for anyone and don't hesitate to contact us immediately because we are waiting for you !

The "Pokrovskaya Usadba" Guest House

The Pokrovskaya Usadba Guest House is a little private guest complex ,which is located in a historical centre of Suzdal.The Guest House includes four sections ( guest houses),each of them was constructed using environmental friendly materials - timber and bricks. All four guest houses of the Pokrovskaya Usadba Guest House were built in the old-fashioned russian provincial style, resembling the russian Izba rural type of a house and Kupechesky(Merchant) house and have been fitted out with all that is necessary for modern lifestyle. The interiors and exteriors of the houses have a solid,respectable look ; in the rooms the atmosphere of staying is warm and cozy.

The Podvorie Guest House

The Podvorie Guest House is a small private mini-hotel that is situated not far away from the very centre of the city of Suzdal. You can feel the atmosphere of genuine Russian hospitality within this place, in combination with the modern level of comfort and a large spectrum of services.
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